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In the pharmaceutical industry, when deciding to outsource, the client expects support from its business partner at every stage of the process. Development and manufacturing of products at CHC comes with comprehensive services at all stages of work, starting from R&D services, through regulatory and quality consulting, manufacturing, to storage and transport. At the same time, the process is always tailored to the expectations of the Client from a given segment of the pharmaceutical market. The first and extremely important element is listening to the Client’s needs. What does this stage look like at CHC?  We will answer this question in today’s entry.

How to start your cooperation with CHC?

  Information about the company, extent of services offered and details about cooperation can be found, among others, on the CHC website ( Here you will find a contact form  ➡, which allows you to send an enquiry after providing preliminary data. For details you can also send a message directly to: 📧 We are also active on social media, you can also contact us on:     CHC actively participates in trade fairs, conferences and industry events – both onsite and online. You can meet at, among others:    

Business Development Department

    Business Development Department specialists provide comprehensive care to new business partners. A dedicated Account Manager is fully involved in each project – this solution enables contact with a single person who acts as a liaison in the Client-Manufacturer relationship. As a Department, we implement many projects, from small start-ups to large transfers. Last year we established cooperation with over 20 new Clients and it is no secret that we are ready for more! If you have any doubts whether you too should become one of our Clients, do not hesitate to contact us and you will see that you have made the right choice once our very first joint project is complete.    


The signing of a Non-Disclosure Agreement enables the secure exchange of information. The welfare of our clients and their interests is of key importance to us – this is one of the most important principles of our company policy that we follow.  


The pricing proposal has an important role to play in overall cooperation. But is it the most important role? After analysing the Client’s expectations, our Team will prepare an offer tailored to the indicated needs. A business partner’s success is also our success! Cooperation begins with a conversation; we listen to the Client’s needs and collect relevant information on products and their form, expected terms of cooperation and the scope of services. Then we proceed to prepare a quotation, which usually takes 14 days. After price approval, the project implementation follows, the first stage of which is establishing the business conditions. In the event that the Client is only interested in processing by placing an order without signing a contract, our Team also offers a ready-made solution.


Do you have an idea and do not know where to begin? Are you concerned about how to choose the right proportions in a product, or which packaging to choose? You are at the right place! Clients frequently approach CHC with their own ideas, and then we proceed to the second stage of the process, during which we develop a detailed product formulation and packaging concept. Our R&D department, on the basis of the applicable legal regulations and taking into account the current market trends, prepares a product proposal which is an ideal response to the demand.  


As a CDMO 4.0 organisation, we are constantly evolving and developing ready product solutions. We are flexible and adapt to varying market needs. Some of our Clients expect fast implementation while maintaining very high product quality. We offer them the so-called “Ready to Market” list, which includes dietary supplements, medicinal products and medical devices, whose stability has been confirmed as a result of R&D work conducted as part of our own investments. In this case, too, we can prepare a personalised proposal, which requires the knowledge of individual requirements, starting with the volume, through the choice of appropriate gelatin or the selection of the type of packaging – everything that will make your product stand out in the market.


Do you have a great product, but work with Manufacturers who are not necessarily able to meet your requirements? Perhaps this is the perfect time to see what we can do for you. In case of a transfer, we will have a lot of questions to ask you – to make sure that the final product meets your expectations.

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