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We are a leading company in contract manufacturing of pharmaceutical products with over 30 years of experience.  We constantly follow trends and respond to changing needs and expectations of our Clients. We are eager to use our constantly expanded product and market knowledge in the development of your brand!

  What are the most common questions that arise during cooperation? Check out the short QA #CHC!      
  1. Can my product manufactured at CHC be allergen-free?
  This depends on the product and the type of raw materials. When considering allergens, it is important to take into account that each plant and production line has certain limitations. It is worth discussing this with your account manager at the very beginning of our cooperation – some allergen-related conditions may prevent the project from going ahead or affect its pricing.  
  1. Is it necessary to include on the label all allergens listed in the technical data sheet?
  Yes. Yes, the issue of allergens is very important, information about their presence is mandatory on the packaging of food and medical products.  
  1. Does CHC manufacture gluten-free products?
  Yes, certainly. However, it should be specified at the very beginning of cooperation – the production of gluten-free products involves additional costs, e.g. for cleaning or laboratory analyses. Manufacturing this type of products may also involve a slightly longer lead time.  
  1. Does CHC offer ECO/BIO products?
  We can obtain ECO certification for specific products (products containing organic raw materials). Such certification is not one of our standards, therefore information that a Client is interested in obtaining it should be communicated in the first phase of talks.  
  1. Is there a development fee?
Product development work is priced and agreed upon individually with the Client – costs depend on the degree of product difficulty and the Client’s expectations regarding the scope of services. In case of the simplest products – for which development work is not necessary or is needed to a minimum extent – the development fee is not charged or is symbolic.  
  1. Can I use my own ingredients in my product?
Of course – it is possible, but the raw material must first be evaluated by our Research and Development Department – for technological feasibility – and by the Quality Department – for safety of use. In the case of outsourced raw materials, it will also be necessary for the customer to provide a set of documents certifying the quality of the material, as well as providing the agreed quantity necessary for development work (if any).  
  1. What will be the expiry date of my product? Can it be extended?
The technical specification received at the product development stage gives our suggested shelf life for the product, usually 24 months from the date of manufacture. However, if a longer expiry date is required, please contact the Guardian who will provide you with detailed answers.  
  1. Does CHC have a catalogue of standard containers? What colours do you offer?
Yes, certainly. Please see our (link) PACKAGING SOLUTIONS catalogue which includes the packaging solutions available.  
  1. Do you offer environmentally friendly packaging?
Yes, certainly. We understand the importance of environmentally friendly solutions. We continuously monitor the market for new environmentally friendly materials and adapt our packaging to individual client requirements.  
  1. What claims can be placed on packaging?
The use of claims strictly depends on the composition of the food in terms of ingredients with physiological and nutritional value. Approved health claims can be used without any restrictions, provided the product contains the correct amount of the ingredient, e.g. the health claim for vitamin D – “Vitamin D contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system”. For pending health claims – their use must be supported by sufficient scientific evidence.  
  1. Who is responsible for product labelling?
The company responsible for the product is the one named on the label (our client). However, as a manufacturer and BRC-certified holder – as indicated by our health authorities – we are responsible for the verification of the information on the label. Therefore, the packaging designs of the product produced by CHC are verified and approved by the Regulatory Department.  
  1. How long does it take to develop a product and bring it to market?
This is one of the most frequently asked questions we receive from our clients. The answer depends on many factors, the most important being: the client’s expectations regarding the scope of development work, the type of product and packaging, the response time when feedback from the client is needed. Our experience shows that excellent communication and high responsiveness are the key to shortening the time of project implementation, reducing its duration even by half.  The average turnaround time for finished products varies from 12 to 14 weeks, depending on the complexity of the products and availability of raw materials (time calculated from the technical approval of graphic designs provided by the Client), for bulk products from 8 to 10 weeks.  
  1. Do I have to register the supplements I sell? Can CHC do it for me?
First of all, the company must be registered in the Food Safety Register in its country. This is a public, nationwide register. Dietary supplements are not to be registered, but notified. Registration takes place when an authorisation issued by an authority is required or when listing in the register is required. Notification, on the other hand, as required by law, is an announcement of the introduction of dietary supplements on the market. Making a notification is mandatory, and it does not mean approval. However, the trader may start selling the product. If the authorities discover any irregularities or doubts about the product or its labelling, they will contact the trader to ask him to correct the irregularities or even to stop selling the dietary supplement. Selling a dietary supplement without notification may result in financial penalties. As part of its offer, R&D CHC can prepare the documents that are necessary for the notification (re

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