Products in liquid form

Why liquid forms?

  • Wide spectrum of dosage
  • Attractive taste and smell – especially important for children
  • Easy to use
  • Absorption speed
  • No risk of choke – liquid consistency eases swallowing

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Available types of a legal status:

medicinal product (herbal and synthetic), medical device, dietary supplement, food for special medical purposes, cosmetics and vet products,

Products may be dosed in the form of drops and spray using modern measuring systems.

Due to a variety of dispensing accessories available, administration of a product to children and elderly people is safe and easy.

Optimal pharmaceutical form for:

Pediatric patients

Geriatric patients, especially patients with Alzheimer's and Parkinson diseases (dysphagia in 70-80%)

Patients suffering from depression or schizophrenia (better compliance with the patient)

We offer either R&D and commercial production of:



Oral solutions (aqueous and oily)