• Packaging services

Packaging services of liquid forms

Selection of packages

We offer support in the selection process of a proper packaging mode, adjusted to a product specific and dosage as well as responding customer’s preferences and regulatory requirements. Also, individually customized packaging can be ensured after the prior arrangement of technological and manufacturing capabilities.

Glass bottles

20 ml glass bottle, 18 mm thread 10 ml glass bottle, 18 mm thread

Glass bottles

200 ml glass bottle, thread 28 mm 125 ml glass bottle, thread 28 mm

PET Bottles

100 ml PET bottle, thread 28 mm 60 ml PET bottle, thread 28 mm

Glass vials

glass vial 10 ml, 20 mm thread glass vial 20 ml, 20 mm thread glass vial 30 ml, 20 mm thread

HDPE Vials

HDPE vial 15 ml, 20 mm thread HDPE vial 30 ml, 20 mm thread

Screw caps

thread 28: Child-proof caps thread 18: white PP caps

Product dosing

We offer measuring cup and spoons adjusted to a single / daily dose, packaging and product formulation as well as – to the individual needs of our client.

Dosing pumps

  • Precise dosing
  • The product is protected against contamination
  • Easy to use
  • A modern look
  • Pumps matched to glass and HDPE vials

Capsules packaging

We are equipped in modern, fully automated packing line that includes blistering, boxing and packeting appliances. We have also a line adopted for packaging products in jars and various forms of bottles. This equipment enables us to provide complete product. We offer our support in terms of choosing the proper packaging type suitable for certain product, Client’s and legal requirements. We are able to pack into blisters (size: 66×120 and 56×102 mm) using PVC/PVCD foil with different permeability; we offer packing in single carton boxes (1-9 blisters), packets and multipacks. We offer packing in PET, PP, PE jars as well as in elegant glass bottles and jars with wide variety of caps and lids. We offer our support in choosing the proper sachete for promotional materials and we cordinate the packing process. On request of our Client we are able to prepare any kind of package with uncommon shape and size according to individual needs.

We provide the highest quality of packaging components and accessories, sourced from qualified suppliers.

We take care of the set of certificates and the appropriate selection of packaging for the type of product.

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