• Food supplements

As part of regulatory services in the food supplement sector we provide comprehensive support at all stages of product life-cycle from development to marketing. Our competence comprises:
  • development of food supplements,
  • preparation and analysis of food supplement labelling,
  • notification of food supplements,
  • support in acquiring the FSC (Free Sale Certificate).

Development of food supplements

We fully support our clients in developing new products’ compositions. At the beginning, our specialists analyse customer portfolio in order to become familiar with their needs and preferences. Next, we propose our customer a theoretical composition of a new food supplement based on the current market trends, monographs and scientific studies, as well as on the latest expert recommendations. The composition of active ingredients is assessed in the context of compliance with food law and other national and EU regulations. As a result, customers are presented with a qualitative and quantitative composition for a new food supplement with a recommended daily dose appropriately matched to individual age groups. The final composition of a product is confirmed upon the completion of technological works on the developing product.

Preparation and analysis of food supplement labelling

Regulatory works dedicated to the preparation of food supplement labelling include developing texts for printed product documents in accordance with the EU and national regulations. Foodstuffs, including food supplements that fail to meet legal requirements specified by relevant regulations, including the provisions of law on proper labelling, may not be marketed in Poland or any other EU country. If a food supplement does not meet the legal requirements applicable in a specific EU country, the relevant competent authority may prohibit the marketing of such a supplement or request its withdrawal from the market.

Notification of food supplements

Curtis Health Caps supports its clients in marketing food supplements by way of providing services including notifying the competent authority of the dietary supplements to be marketed. The need to notify a new food supplement to the competent authority is not obligatory in all EU countries. In Poland and some other EU countries (e.g. Germany, Portugal, Finland), notification the competent authority about placing a new food supplement on the market is mandatory.

Acquisition of the FSC (Free Sale Certificate)

Under the regulatory services provided, we also assist our customers in carrying out actions necessary for the Free Sale Certificate (FSC) to be obtained. We:
  • evaluate or develop labelling of food supplements necessary to obtain FSC;
  • notify the competent authority of the intention to place the product on the market;
  • submit an application for acquiring FSC.
The food supplement industry is a dynamically developing market that expands not only within the European Union, but also outside its borders. This means that products are to be exported to other countries. In many non-European countries, in order to establish cooperation with business partners it is necessary to have the Free Sale Certificate (FSC). This document confirms that a supplement concerned has been marketed in Poland in accordance with the provisions of law. Such certification of compliance with Polish and EU law is often required by business partners from outside the European Union.

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