Our plant


m2 of total usable space


m2 of current production space


m2 of expansion reserve (in house) with options of rapid expansion thanks to existing infrastructure


high power lines with a capacity of around 1.4 billion (10 oval) softgel capsules

  • 4 modern encapsulating lines
  • Multi-purpose packaging line designed for packaging various liquid forms in glass and plastic bottles in volumes from 5 ml to 1 000 ml
  • Mixers for the preparation of fill and gelatin shell
  • Dedicated line for packaging in containers and jars
  • Blistering line (blistering machine and cartoning machine)
  • Air-conditioned high-bay warehouse with 3 temperature zones (2-8°C, 8-15°C and 15-25°C) for 5000 pallet places.